Beginner’s guide to vaping- An Infographic

A lot of us vapers, especially those who have been at it for a while, often get asked the same questions from their friends, particular from those who are smokers looking to quit smoking.

What is this vaping?
Is it better than smoking?
How do I start vaping?
What do I need to start vaping?
Can I buy ecigs in India? etc etc.

The common reaction for most of us in such a case is to unload the wealth of information that we have acquired over time as vapers and while we may have good intentions, it only ends up confusing our friends.

I thought about it for a while and came up with an infographic that in my opinion will help clear the doubts of beginners and those who want to shift to vaping. This is indeed a basic beginner’s guide to vaping in India and is written with a complete newbie in mind. Hope y’all find it useful.
Beginner's guide Indivape mobile

To download this infographic, right click on the image above and click ‘Save image as’.

Part 2 of this guide- How to chose your first vaping device.


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