Envii Fitt Starter Kit

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This revolutionary closed system device is the only device in the market that has both a puff sensor as well as a fire button. This ensures users of all different vaping styles can customize this deice to the vaping style that they are used to. The device comes with one 3.2ml re-fillable cartridges, has a 650 man battery life and can be charged via the Micro USB port. Extremely user friendly, making it a great first time device.

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  • Weight 100 g
    Product Parameters

    Size: 75mm x 43mm x 20mm
    Battery: Built-in 650mAh
    Tank: 3.2ml (US Edition)/2ml (EU Edition)
    Color: Black

    Package Contents

    1x Envii FITT POD
    1x Empty cartridge
    1x USB Cable