Eon Charge


Gives you the “pleasure of smoking” without smoking, now available in rechargeable kit. A brand owned by ITC, EON Charge comes with the unmatched quality and trust for over 100 years (for best results use only EON Charge cartridges)

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  • Weight 100 g
    Product Parameters

    Battery Strength : Lasts upto 200 puffs (measured in standard laboratory conditions)
    USB Charge :
    Input voltage 5.0-5.3 v DC 150 mA;
    Output Voltage : 4.5-4.8 v DC 120 mA.

    The battery can be recharged approximately 200 times and guarantees superior performance, letting you enjoy your e-vape for an extended duration

    Package Contents

    1 EON Charge Electronic Vaping Device 1 EON Charge Cartridge 1 EON Charge USB Charger