Justfog Minifit- Is it the best vape pod around?

When team Indivape was in China to take part in the Shenzhen Vape Expo, we ran into the owner of Justfog by accident. A conversation over beer later, we had our hands on the Justfog Minifit. We didn’t go to look for it, but it found us on its own. We loved this little device so much that we just had to get it to India and we are happy we did. But does it really work as well in the long run ?

Justfog Minifit- Overview

I am pretty certain that this is the smallest vape currently available. This thing is about the same size as a small size pen drive. This is one of the biggest advantages of this device. If you are looking for something compact or want something to carry on the go, the Justfog Minifit is just right.

The specs of this device are pretty standard. The cartridge holds 1.5ml of ejuice and the inbuilt coil reads at 1.6ohms. When combined with a 370 mAh battery, this makes for a very nifty little mouth to lung vaping setup.

On the whole, the Justfog Minifit is really easy to use. The top part is the pod (or the cartridge) in which you fill the ejuice, while the bottom part is the battery. The pod sits on top of the battery and you vape by pressing a little button and then inhaling. As simple as that.

Battery & Charging

The device also has a three step battery indicator which lets you know how much of the battery is remaining. When you are charging the device (which can be done via USB), it lets you know how much of the battery is charged. This is very useful.

The battery will last a whole day for someone who uses this device to curb the craving for cigarettes. If you like to chain vape, then you might have to charge this once during the day. This however is no problem, as this device takes about 15-20 minutes to charge. Another big plus!


How do I use the Justfog Minifit?

This device really shines when you used it with salt nics. The high resistance and the restricted airflow work very well with salt nic ejuices to provide an exceedingly satisfying Nic hit. You can use this with a regular Ejuice, say a 70 VG ejuice, and while it will produce bigger clouds, you won’t feel a satisfaction unless that particular ejuice is of a high Nic strength.

The pods of this kit last anywhere from between 2-3 weeks depending on how much you are vaping. If you are simply using this kit to get your Nic fix (using Nic salts) then they could last even longer.

The replacement pods come in packs of three and are economical enough that you do not have to worry about the price too much. Having multiple pods is actually beneficial as you can fill each of them with a different flavour. When you are bored with one particular flavor, simply take out that pod and replace it with another one with a different flavor.

While most pod systems are auto activated and do not have a button, the Minifit does have a tiny button which in my opinion is a plus. With self activated pods, at times the mechanism isn’t activated resulting in an empty puff. The button on the Minifit avoids that and the whole operation is not cumbersome at all.

Lastly, if you are patient enough, you could even open up the pod and rebuild the coil yourself. This is by no means an easy task and most people are happy to spend a little money to buy the pods however if you like a challenge, then rebuilding this device will be a good one.


I have used two of these devices extensively and haven’t found any cons. In fact, since I started using these with salt nics, I have pretty much stopped sub-ohm vaping. The Minifit is easy to use, compact and gives a great Nic hit- Pretty much everything that you would expect from a great vaping device.

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