Making Advanced Coil Builds Last Longer

Surprisingly not a lot of vapers seem to be aware that advanced coil builds, like fused claptons, aliens and even regular claptons last quite a bit longer than regular single wire builds if you take adequate care of them. While you might be changing your standard kanthal builds every 10-14 days, advanced builds can last for a month or even more.

So how do you take care of them? I already did an article on cleaning up your vaping gear but in this tutorial, I will describe a simple way in which you can take care of your advanced builds.

Step 1: Throw out the current wick that is lodged in the coil and dry fire it. Reduce the wattage to a level where you can slowly ramp up the heat on the coil till it glows orange. No need to go all out with the firing up. Simply dry fire it 4-5 times and then blow on it so that any gunk or debris are removed. Hold it up over a wash basin or a dustbin so that the gunk isn’t littered around.

Step 2: Rinse the coil with water. I do this by running the tap on very low flow and carefully putting the coil under it. Make sure that water hits only the coil and not your device.

Step 3: Dry fire the coil again with slow ramp-ups so that it dries out completely. You do not want any water residual left over within the juice channels of the coil. Once the coil is dry, rewick it and you are good to go.

Some folk advocate using a toothbrush to clean out any gunk from the coils but I haven’t felt the need to do so. Dry firing, blowing on the coil and rinsing it with water does the job pretty well.

Do this once a week and your coils will last a lot longer than they otherwise would. If you vape on juices that have sweeter in them, then do this every 4-5 days. Same for those who chain vape throughout the day.

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