Pro-Made Coils by SquidDoode – Staple coils


These Staple coils were hand made by the world renowned coil guru Squiddoode himself using 8 pieces of stacked 0.5mm/0.1mm Kanthal-A1 Ribbon wire fused together with 36g Nichrome 80 (36TMN80). Anyone who has ever tried building coils knows how difficult staple coils are to make and with these coils, Squiddoode once again shows why he is considered a master. With proper installation and care, a set of these coils can easily last you 2-4 months.

5 wraps – 2.5mm I.D.
Single Coil = 0.28ohm – 0.34ohm
Dual Coil = 0.14ohm – 0.18ohm
Note: coil distance from post can often affect resistance.

In stock

  • Weight 20 g
    Product Parameters

    -36ga Twistedmesses Nichrome80 over 8pcs of .5x.1mm Kanthal A1 Ribbon Wire
    -5 wraps – 2.5mm I.D.
    -Single Coil = 0.28ohm – 0.34ohm
    -Dual Coil = 0.14ohm – 0.18ohm

    Package Contents

    Two staple coils handcrafted by @squidoode