Review: Advken Ziggs RDA V2

If you ever wondered what would happen if the Goon RDA mated with the good old Derringer, then wonder no more- The Ziggs RDA v2 will be the result of that union.

Although it does not have the innovative build deck of the Goon that comes ready for fancy Instagram coil builds or the complex airflow systems like many other RDAs that have been launched off late- the Ziggs RDA v2 quietly does what we expect any RDA to do- produce intense flavor. Let’s ‘dive down’ for a closer look, shall we?

I call it the emoji RDA because the markings on its outer shell remind me of an emoji. The first thing that came into my head when I opened it up was how well it was constructed. This is top notch production from Advken. No machine oil, no debris and no other faux pas whatsoever and there is a pleasant weightiness to this RDA.

advken ziggs v2 review

The unit feels really solid and sturdy in the hand and it doesn’t hurt that it looks really good too. It is a tiny and an inherently cute RDA which has two airflow holes on either side. Now the airholes are nothing massive. In fact, they are purposely designed to provide a very satisfying restricted lung hit experience.

Still the RDA does produce plenty of vapor, especially with advanced builds at high wattages, but I wouldn’t call this a cloud chaser. The Ziggs RDA V2 was meant to do one thing only; produce top-notch flavor and it does that job very well. In a world where RDAs are mostly meant to be wide open cloud chasers, it is refreshing to see a product that is geared towards those of us who prefer a restrictive lung hit more than anything else.

The chamber size is fairly small which is primarily the reason behind very good flavor production. The airflow glides in sideways from the air holes, is guided up a 35-degree bevel and hits the coil from underneath, further traveling up the drip tip to provide a very satisfying vape.

The Ziggs V2 RDA is also completely leak proof and there is a 10mm juice well for those who want to go longer without re-dripping. Speaking about dripping, you can drip through the wide bore drip tip (the look of which I love) or you can pull off the outer shell to ‘paint’ the coils with juice.

The engravings on the outer body not only make for an aesthetic design but also provide a good grip when you want to pull it off. With many RDAs, I have faced the problem of the outer shell being too tight to open but nothing like that with the Ziggs V2.

In the package, you get some o-rings, a 510 adapter and a very sturdy screwdriver. In my experience, using a narrower 510 drip tip improves the flavor even further but as of now, I am too much in love with the stock drip tip to stick with my regular 510s.


The deck is an old school two post two holes deck meaning that coils ends of both the coils go through the same post hole. Although it might seem tricky to those of you who are only used to velocity decks, it is easy enough to build on. The holes on the post are 3mm wide and while I was able to install a dual fused clapton build rather easily, I can see that installing anything bigger or thicker (like aliens) could be a hassle.

While the deck itself is not too big, I didn’t face any trouble installing my builds on it. The trick is in making sure that you position the coils exactly where the airflow is going to hit them. Once you do that, it’s flavor central all the way.

This is definitely not the RDA for those who want to chase clouds. This is for us flavor chasers and given the fact that this RDA is available here for cheaper than it is on FastTech means that it is well worth the price for what it provides.

In a nutshell, if you like a restricted lung hits and prefer flavor over clouds, then the Ziggs RDA v2 is just what you are looking for.

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