Review: Coil Master Coiling Kit V4

I’ve had the original version of the Coil Master coiling kit for many years now, so I was pretty excited when Coil Master sent us their newly updated V4 version for this kit. But wait- A new version for the coiling kit? What could they possibly improve in a simple coiling kit? What is so radically different? Turns out, it is a lot of things.



The kit comes packaged very nicely in a little box. Attractive and compact. Inside the box is a handy carrying bag, which contains all the parts. Very useful if you want to carry your coiling kit around, say to a vape meet.

5 different items greet you when you open the carrying bag. A silicone tool holder for all the posts (or rods) and the screwdriver, the base pole and the respective caps, which can be spun to make coils of different diameter. The little posts come in diameters of 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm. More than enough for making a wide variety of coils, from MTL coils to big ass cloud busters.

coil master coiling kit v4

First impressions

Each of the three caps house the wrapping holes for 2 different diameters, which reduces the number of parts required. For instance, the two smallest diameters (1.5mm & 2mm) are housed in one cap whereas in the original version, they had a different cap for every single diameter. Very cool!

The posts are much longer than before as well, which really pleases me as it makes the task of building advanced coils with a large number of wraps very easy. I can build an 8 wrap fused clapton coil on this and still have plenty of space left over on the post. The posts also come in handy when you are installing the coil in the atty and the extra length gives you a bit of much needed extra room to hold on to.

The performance

The silicone tool holder is very handy and works effectively to ensure that you do not lose any parts. It also houses the blue screwdriver, which is a plus as such things are easy to misplace. The caps have two tiny inlets on either side, which allow you to wrap the coils clockwise or anti clockwise. This is very important as on some RTAs (like the Serpent mini) it is much easier to install coils if they are wrapped anti clockwise (i.e. wrapped from below the post).

coil master coiling kit v4 india

There is also a horizontal wide slot built into the base cap and while many may ignore it at first glance, it does serve a very useful purpose. Often when we use thicker wire (like a fused clapton) to wrap a coil, it does not fit the small inlets. In such a case, you are supposed to use this slot, which is big enough to hold thickest of coiling wires. The slot is so useful, that I have been using it to wrap even the regular Kanthal builds that I make. Much easier than passing the wire through the inlet before wrapping.

The base tool by itself is very sturdy and you get a very good grip of the wire ensuring that the coil you wrap is tightly strung. Wrapping coils on this thing is a breeze. While not a necessity by any means, this is a great tool for those who find the task of wrapping coils cumbersome or those who want to make better looking coils. I personally love this tool and give it solid 5 stars.

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