Review: Eleaf Melo 300

Eleaf doesn’t mess round. You’d think that they’d go from From Melo 3 to Melo 4 or 5 but instead they decided to go straight to Melo 300. Not just that, they decided to put in a sextuple coil inside the tank and told vapers to not even bother running it below 100 watts. Pretty heavy metal of them. Here ladies and gents, I present to you, my long overdue review of the Melo 300.

Now I have tested plenty of tanks with pre-made coils in the last year or so but I usually stick to my RTAs when it comes to daily use. The Eleaf Melo 300 however changed that and I find myself using this powerful beast on a much regular basis than I thought I would.

When I opened the box a few months ago, my first thought was how sexy this tank looked. Which was surprising because in the pictures it doesn’t look much. This is A+ production on a very good looking tank- no machine oil, no debris and no unwanted odor. No problems with the looks so far but how is the daily usability like?


Using the tank

Two things we do most frequently do with a tank is change the airflow setting and fill it up, of course. The Melo 300 has one of the best airflow rings I have seen on a tank. It is broad (hence easy to grip), moves super smoothly and locks into place at either end. You’d never struggle with it.

I am one of those people who hate taking off the top to fill it in which is why I love the filling system the Melo 300. You simply push at the bottom of the drip tip and the top portion slides off and reveals a fill port. Easy peasy.

eleaf melo 300 review


Melo 300 performance

The massive coil that you get along with the tank (and one you can buy as well) is a 0.17 sextuple coil. Since it contains six coils (in parallel) inside it, it is a massive coil and takes up a large area inside the tank. Installing and removing the coil is a very basic task that isn’t even worth mentioning in this review.

Eleaf suggests that you vape this tank anywhere between 100 to 300 watts but I found that the sweet spot lies between 130-160 watts. I did vape it at 200 watts but honestly, it is simply not worth it, unless you want to blow massive clouds. Not to forget that the vapor produced above 200 watts is pretty darn hot.

What I find surprising though is that at 150 watts the vape is not uncomfortably hot. In and around that wattage, it produces a very pleasant vaping experience indeed. Whereas at 100 watts you get a very cool subtle vape, with decent clouds. But go anywhere between 130 and 160 watts and you are looking at massive clouds. This is some RDA level cloud production right here.

While this tank is not exactly a flavor chaser it does a good enough job. It certainly produces much better flavor than many other popular super tanks that have been in circulation for a while (I am looking at you Smok). Which makes me wonder why there isn’t a bigger hype around this tank? Eleaf clearly needs to market their products a bit better.

Melo 300 review

Another thing that surprised me was that these ES Sextuple coils last quite a while. The coil that it came stocked with lasted me more than a month. Now of course, I wasn’t vaping on it all the time for that duration of time, but the longevity of the coil is impressive nonetheless. I have been using it for a few months now and I am still on my second coil. And the best part is that these coils are decently priced, much lesser than the Smok ones (and from what I hear, compatible with the TFV8 too).

In all these months of usage, I haven’t got a single dry hit or any leakage whatsoever and i mean ANY! And neither has the resistance of the coil jumped from what it is supposed to be. Pretty darn impressive.

I got the 3.5ml version as I don’t like tanks that are too big and I personally love how good it looks even on my smaller mods. But you must keep in mind that when running this tank above 135 watts, the juice really finished up rather quickly. So you might find yourself filling it up every hour or so. This is pretty much the only con I could think of.

Who is this tank for?

This tank is for those who want to produce massive clouds or those who want to upgrade to super tanks (with quad, sextuple coils etc) without having to spend a bomb on coils. While the flavor isn’t as great as a flavor chasing RTA like the Merlin, it is still pretty darn good. If cloud chucking is your game and you don’t mind buying coils every few months, then I’d whole heartedly recommend this tank to you. Click here to checkout the technical specification of the Eleaf Melo 300.

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