Review: Sense Herakles RTA-4. Clouds or flavor?

Flavor and clouds can’t co-exist. At least that is how the old adage goes when it comes to RTAs. Most experienced vapers will tell you that you can’t have both and you always have to make the call between a flavor RTA and a cloud chasing RTA. But when it comes to the Sense Herakles RTA-4, this does not hold true. Could it be true then? Can an RTA produce massive clouds while retaining top-notch flavor?

The Sense Herakles RTA-4 is a dual post, 25mm RTA with 6ml of juice capacity and boasts of a unique quad exterior and interior airflow system. This tank is pretty big which allows is to house these massive 4.5mm X 3mm quad airflow holes. This reminds me of the Griffin RTA (especially the deck) and yet this completely manages to outdo the latter.

The packaging of the tank is top notch and the machining, as always with Herakles, is top quality too. No debris or machine oil was found when I opened mine. Nonetheless, it is always recommended that you thoroughly clean a new tank just to be safe.

The package contains a lot of handy accessories. Allen key, screwdriver (very good quality), 16 different O-rings of varying sizes, 4 post pins, 1 510 pin, 510 drip tip adaptor and of course, the spare glass.

herakles rta4 3

The deck

The Herakles RTA-4 deck is massive and at first glance it will remind you of the Griffin deck. You can fit pretty much anything in there and get away with it. Currently I have a fused clapton/Kanthal parallel build installed in there and it is performing like a champ. The main highlight of the deck however is the airflow system.

You have two air inlets on the floor of the deck, from which air hits the coils from the bottom. Then you have two more airflow holes right under the posts. Yes, you read it right, the two additional airflow holes are under the posts, something I haven’t seen in any other RTA. So all in all, you have 4 airflow holes, bringing in tons of air that hits the coil to produce mountains of vapor.

herakles rta4 1


An abundance of airflow also ensures that you can run this RTA on pretty high wattages without worrying about it getting too hot. On a previous dual alien coil build, I threw 120-130 watts at this without any discomfort whatsoever.

For those who want to vape at lower wattages, you can install a regular SS or Kanthal build and this thing will still produce tons of vapor and solid, smooth flavor.

The oval juice holes are massive as well and even at half closed, the coil remains adequately saturated. If juice economy is on your mind, then you can close them even 2/3rds of the way. Although I wouldn’t recommend this if you are vaping at high wattages on an advanced coil build. I must also mention that the 510 is made out of solid copper, which ensures superb conductivity.



Wicking this RTA is a fairly straightforward process. If you have ever wicked the Griffin RTA then you already know how to do it. To sum it up, your wicks need to hang just inside the deck ring. Not stuffed in, not hanging to the base, but just slightly tucked in. As always, wicks work the best when they are thick in the middle and thinner towards the ends.

It is also a good idea to ensure that there is space between the wick and the juice channel so that air can pass through. This allows juice to easily climb up and saturate the coil/wick.

herakles rta4 2

The performance

As I have already mentioned, you can run pretty much any advanced build on this thing without a worry. The cloud production is massive and surprisingly, the flavor is spot on too. I have run about ten different builds on this thing and every single time, I am surprised by how flavorful the vaping experience is.

This RTA destroys the age-old belief that we must chose between flavor or clouds as Herakles RTA-4 delivers on both. The 6ml capacity also ensures that you can go on vaping for a long time before you need to refill.

Speaking of filling, this is a top fill tank and the top part comes off pretty easily and refilling this RTA is a breeze. The drip tip that is provided is pretty good too and I personally haven’t felt the need to replace it with any of my other drip tips.

There is not much negative about this RTA. The only thing I can think of is that if you do not wick properly, this RTA might leak upon refill. Much like the Griffin, when I purposely put in a thinner wick, a few drops of juice popped out of the airflow.

All in all, this is a great RTA and I am quite surprised that it hasn’t got enough attention from the Indian vaping community. If you love running advanced builds, vaping at high wattages and want both clouds and flavor, then there are not many things in the market better than the Sense Herakles RTA-4.

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