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With the release of the Bravo RTA, Wotofo have thrown down the gauntlet and have issued a challenge to every other RTA manufacturer out there. As a skeptic, my first thought was, ‘ok, another RTA from Wotofo’ but this thing is so impressive, that I couldn’t even wait a week (which is my usual time for testing) to write this review.

Let me start by saying that this RTA was not sent to me by Wotofo for reviewing and all views in this review are my own.

First look

The Bravo RTA looks sexy. Usually Wotofo tanks are good at what they do but are rather plain looking. With the Bravo, Wotofo have upped their game coz this thing has been machined to perfection. The knurled design is not only attractive, it is also very handy when it comes to removing the tank from the mod or when taking the top off for a fill up. The knurling design is even present around the build deck and looks rather attractive when seen through the glass. A+ for the design.

The wide bore resin drip (aka Goon drip tip) that comes along is equally attractive and compliments the RTA design fully. So far I have had no reason to change this drip tip. As far as looks are concerned, all great so far.

The package

The RTA comes with a complete package. Cotton, 510 drip tip adapter, extra o-rings and the standard Wotofo practice of including 3 coils. The coils seem to be of the fused Clapton variety and I am quite surprised at how good they are. With proper care and cleaning, these coils could easily last you a couple of months.

Wotofo also include 2 spare glasses in the package (apart from the one installed in the tank), one of them being the bubble glass. The idea of the bubble glass is pretty innovative as it expands the capacity of your tank without hampering the flavor, as the distance between the drip tip and the coils isn’t extended.

With that being said, I have been averse to bubble glasses as I never really liked the circular bulb shaped design that most tanks came with. The Wotofo bubble glass is a bit more sharply angled in that respect and I rather like the way it looks on the tank. It also increases the capacity of the tank from 4.5ml to 6ml.

There is also a very handy screwdriver included with the package and I am happy to say that it is not one of those blue tiny (useless) ones.

The build deck. 

At first glance, it seems like yet another clamp style build deck but there is a bit more to it. This upside down clamp system is controlled by two screws. The inner screw of each terminal goes directly into the post while the outer screws go into the clamp. The screws are standard Philips head screws and are pretty easy to work with.

The deck isn’t really a beginner friendly deck however those who are used to building their own coils will not face much of a problem. One lead each, of both the coils, go into each clamp and its a good idea to clip them to the right length before hand otherwise things can get tad messy.

I usually insert a single coil in the deck, position it right above there airflow and make a mark just where it is exiting the clamp. This is the length that I keep for all the leads of the 2 coils and it has worked well so far.

Once I position the coils in the right place, I slowly tighten the inner screws first before doing the same with the outer ones. Not too difficult but could be a challenge for a beginner.

The airflow system in this tank seems like a standard bottom airflow type but there is more to it. The airflow slots are angled at such an angle that the air envelopes the coils completely before going up the drip tip. Wotofo have got the angled airflow down to perfection and this is a big reason why this tank is able to produce such excellent flavor.


Wicking this thing is pretty easy if you have ever used GTA style deck (which is lifted off of the base). I followed my standard rule of wicking here- The cotton should be thicker inside the coils and narrow towards the ends. This lets the juice flow smoothly to the coil and you avoid any dry hits. So far this has worked very well for me.

Overall this is a pretty easy tank to wick. The only thing you shouldn’t do is stuff too much of the cotton in the juice channels or make the wick extra thick or extra long towards the ends. As long as your wicks are inserted in the juice channels without overstuffing it, you will be fine.

So far I have tried a couple of fused claptons and a pair of alien coils in this RTA and all of them have vaped wonderfully.

Everyday usage

Once you have built and wicked this tank, it is pretty darn easy to use. The top cap comes off very smoothly thanks to the knurling design pattern and the fill ports are pretty big, meaning that you can use any kind of bottle to fill in the juice.

Wotofo did say in the instructional booklet that you must turn the RTA upside down after filling and then only should you open the airflow. I however, have not been doing this and have not faced any problems. However if you do face leaking, then it is very likely that the wick is shorter or thinner than it should be. In such a case, either change the wick or simply turn the tank upside down before opening the airflow.

So far with this tank, I have encountered zero dry hits or leaking issues. Zero.

How does it vape? 

While Wotofo is most famous for making tanks that are flavor chasers, this tank is definitely for cloud chasers. There is tons of airflow and even at 80 watts, the vape that I got was comfortably moist without being hot (even on the standard coils that came with the package). With the right build, you could easily run it at 100 watts and above.

The best part about this tank is that even with all this airflow and massive clouds, the flavor is not compromised at all. It’s top notch flavor. Really excellent flavor production. I am certain that come the end of this year, the Bravo RTA will easily end up on many Best of 2018 lists.


I couldn’t find any. Not even subjective ones.

So to sum it up- This is a tank for people who like to chuck big clouds without compromising on the flavor side. While this is not the easiest tank to build on for a beginner, for the rest of us, it’s an easy enough build. To buy the Wotofo RTA in India, click here.


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