The Easiest Way to Re-wrap Your 18650 Batteries

Torn battery wraps are an absolute no no. Battery safety is very important and it is no surprise that 99% of vaping incidents are caused because people do not practice battery safety. Which is why experienced vapers strongly condemn the use of batteries with torn wrappings. Better be safe than sorry right?

Given the fact that 18650 batteries are used so heavily, torn battery wraps is a common problem faced by most vapers and while most are aware that they can be re-wrapped, not many know how to go about it. In most tutorials you see people using hair dryers or a blowtorches to rewrap their 18650s however there is an easier way to do this using something that you can find easily in your local market- a jet lighter.

To get started you will need a few things
1. The battery
2. Battery wraps
3. Jet lighter.

rewrapping an 18650 battery

We will get started by peeling off the torn wrap of the battery. You can easily do with with your hands but if you face any difficulty, just use tweezers. Be gentle, there is no need to put too much force in it.

Once the battery wrap is off, you should be left with the silver core of the battery. Make sure that you do not throw away the positive insulator that resides on top of the battery. We need to put this back in again. This is the small circular ring that will fall off once the old wrap is removed.

Take your naked battery and insert it into the new wrap. you want to make sure that the wrap overhangs both the ends by the same amount. About 3-4mm approximately. Now take that circular insulator and put it on the positive side (the top side).

It’s time to bring out the jet lighter. Ignite it and start blowing it across the top of the battery at a distance of about 4-5 inches. You should instantly see the battery wrap wrapping itself round the battery. Do this till the wrap fits the battery snugly. Remember to not bring it too close to the battery, we don’t want to burn the wrap. Here is a simple rule of thumb- If you feel too much heat on the fingers that are holding the battery, then the lighter is too close.

battery wrapping

Now do the same thing at the bottom till it fits snugly too. All you will have remaining now are the crease line in the middle. Once again, wave the lighter about 4 inches away from the crease and it will smoothen itself too. Do the same for the other crease as well.

And we are done! This job takes hardly 5 minutes and in return you have fresh looking, safe batteries. To get started, you can buy battery wraps here. 


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