The Fastest Way to Make Spaced Coils for Your RBAs

It’s been a long-held belief that spaced coils give better flavor, especially if you are doing temperature control. There are surely those who will debate that contact coils can do the same, however that is not the topic of discussion today.

Today I just want to share a quick trick that I have been employing to quickly make spaced coils.

A lot of us do not use spaced coils at all as they require a bit more effort to build. Contact coils are easy peasy, but with spaced coils you have to wrap the wire carefully, ensuring that the wraps are equidistant. This can be a bit tricky, especially for beginners.

So how do we make quick spaced coils?

To build them via this method, put away your coil jigs, your coil masters or any other fancy accessories that you might have. All you need for this method is the wire and a screw. Yes, any regular screw that you may have lying around your house will do as long as it is close to the diameter of the coil that you want to build. Needless to say, the longer the screw, the better.

Spaced coil required stuff

All you have to do now is, to take the wire and wrap it along the ridges of the screw. The ridges help you wrap the coil in a uniform manner and allow for visual measurement. It is ridiculously easy to do. Keep following the lines on the screw and wrap slowly. This is what I built in about 7 seconds.

Quick spaced coil

If you want to tweak the coil, or change the spacing of strands, then do so while dry firing the coil. As always, do so at a very low wattage.

How do I remove the screw?

To remove the screw from the finished coil, gently twist the screw till it screws itself out of the coil. As simple as that. In less than half a minute, you have a perfect coil ready for your RTA.

The goal here is to build an effective spaced coil. If you want your coil to be pretty, then do it slowly, with a steady hand. My goal was to rapidly build a coil and that’s what you can see in the pictures below. I used a fairly thin gauge of wire but if you use a clapton wire for instance, the task should be much much easier.

Perfect circular spaced coil

wicked spaced coil


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