Battery Cases & Wraps

When you have been using a vape battery for some time, it suffers through wear and tear. Most often this happens when the battery is handled carelessly. When you keep it in your bag, or in your pocket, a battery is likely to suffer damage. This is why it is very important that all vaping batteries be kept in a battery case. Battery cases keep your batteries safe and make sure that no unwanted mishaps happen. Plus, these cases make your batteries looking like new as the first day you got them. When a vape battery suffers wear and tear it is usually on the outside. Not only does a torn battery wrap look bad, it can also be a potential hazard. It is never safe to use batteries when a part of the wrap is torn. This is why we stock spare battery wraps so you can re-wrap your damaged batteries. This way you won’t have to spend on buying a new battery. Simply wrap new! We have premium comic book themed wraps as well as normal solid color wraps. Battery safety is a priority and all Indian vapers should strictly pay attention to it. We ship battery cases India wide and the same goes for the wraps.