Vape battery chargers have a lot of advantages over charging your vape batteries using a USB cable. Firstly, These chargers have advanced protections built in. Secondly, they make sure that charging is cut off automatically once the vape battery is fully charged. Surely you can see why vape chargers are considered the safest and the most reliable way of charging a battery. Feel free to shop from our online store. We promise that we will try our best to deliver a vape charger India wide to you within 2 business days (excluding holidays & weekends). Most people charge their vape batteries using the USB port in the mod & that’s not a good habit. The reality is that these ports are usually made for firmware updates. These ports are not at all optimized for battery charging. Neither will they provide protections that you will otherwise get with a quality charger. Using a charger also ensures longevity for your vape batteries. We are excited to offer you chargers from our collection & are more than happy to ship your Golisi or Nitecore vape battery charger India wide. We alsooffer the COD option on vape charger purchase in India. For more details on vape chargers, read the details section.