Who is Indivape?

Just like most smart decisions that have been made in this world, the decision to start Indivape was also made over a couple of pints (might have been more than two).

This wasn’t a decision made by people who wanted to make a quick buck by selling gear at exorbitant prices or by non-vapers who saw a quick money making opportunity in an emerging niche. This was a decision made by two vapers, who had suffered just like every other vaper in this country and wanted things to change for good.

The two men who started Indivape have been vapers for a few years now and just like all of you, they have gone through all the trials and tribulations that come with quitting smoking and being a vaper in this country. The long wait for packages to come, the ever-present fear of customs’ detention, afraid of parcels getting lost and so on. We too suffered from all of those things, which is why we took a proactive step to take things in our own hands.

The plain and simple idea behind Indivape is to get you the vaping gear you need, as quickly as possible and without any of the hassles that are involved when buying from foreign websites. Our goal is not to charge 200-300% margins, like has been the trend in the Indian market so far, but to make vaping in India extremely affordable.

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In the vaping community, we often talk about spreading the good word and about getting the government to see our side of things. As a first step towards that, we ensure that every product that we offer on Indivape comes through 100% legal channels. Goods are imported using an import license, paid duty for at the customs and due sales tax is filed as well.

There is already an unfavorable buzz about the vaping community in the country and when they finally turn their spotlight towards us, the last thing we want is for them to question our legality. So rest assured that when you buy from us, you get authentic products that have passed all legal requirements. We get our products straight from the manufacturers and we are official distributors of Vaporesso, Vape Wild, OFE, Coil Master, Drizz, Nasty among other brands.

In 2016, it is unfathomable that we still do not have a dedicated vaping company in existence that is catering solely to Indian vapers. With the formation of Indivape, we are about to change that. For starters, we offer the following perks to our customers-

  • Free shipping! Coz let’s face it. No one likes to pay for it.
  • Free surprise gift & maybe more.
  • COD option all over India.
  • SMS notifications of deliveries
  • Security seals on all shipments to avoid any tampering during transportation
  • 15 day returns
  • Technical support
  • Dedicated phone & email support
  • Regular special offers and giveaways

So say no to cigarettes and say yes to vaping. As a wise man once said, Vaping is the future and the future is now. Happy shopping everyone!

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