Wotofo Recurve RDA


Wotofo Recurve RDA was designed in collaborations with Mike Vapes and features a unique four terminal, post-less style build deck with slopped jet funnels. The Recurve is designed to be a flavor chaser and can be used with squonk mods.

The build deck on this 24mm BF RDA a post-less Quad terminal that has plenty of area to fir in your advanced builds. It uses side mounted Hex screws for securing the coils. The Recurve uses a 810 drip tip but it does come with a 510 drip tip adapter as well. The Recurve is squonk ready but comes ready with a non squonk gold-plated 510 pin for those who prefer traditional RDAs. This is an RDA designed for all kinds of builds and with an aim to give top notch flavor.

  • Weight 80 g
    Product Parameters

    24mm Diameter
    Quad Terminal Post-less Style Build Deck
    1mm Each Terminal
    Top Mounted Hex Screws
    PEEK Insulator
    4mm Deep Juice Well
    Single Coil Builds
    Dual Directional Airflow
    Horizontal Slope Entry
    6 Airflow Slots Each Side
    1mm by 1mm Each Airslot
    24K Gold Plated Bottom Feed 510 Contact
    11mm Bore 810 Drip Tip
    510 Drip Tip Adapter

    Package Contents

    One Wotofo x Mike Vapes Recurve 24mm RDA
    One Spare 810 Drip Tip
    One 510 Drip Tip Adapter
    One Compwire Coils
    One Japanese Cotton
    One Extra Spare Parts Bag


    Black, Silver