Wotofo Viper RTA- One Month Review

There wasn’t much hype around the Wotofo Viper RTA when it was launched and as a long time Wotofo user I just had to check it out and decide if the company is still keeping up its excellent standards when it comes to making single coil RTAs.

First of all, the tank looks a lot better in real life than it does in pictures. For a 24mm tank, its just the right size and those who do not like bulky tanks, will certainly like the form factor.

The drip tip/top cap is made of ultem and I find it very effective at keeping the heat at bay and there is no gunk accumulation whatsoever. You remove the drip tip/top cap to fill the tank from the top and the whole process is super easy. If you want to use your own drip tip with this, that’s not possible but honestly, I am pretty happy with the default one and don’t see any reason to change it.

The build deck is as easy to use as they come. I would even go as far as to say that this is one of the easiest tanks for a newbie vaper to build on. It is a simple two post design and installing the coil is a breeeze. As long as you get the coil positioned right above the airflow inlet, you are good to go however in my experience, getting the call as low as possible above the air hole brings forth the best flavor.

Another advantage of the deck is that the post screws are standard Philips heads, so there is no need to have a special screwdriver or tool handy. Plus with a standard sized Philips screw driver, it is super easy to get the screws in tight. I have put half a dozen builds on this tanks and one of the reasons for that frequency is the ease with which one can install a new coil. It merely takes a few minutes.

Wicking is another thing I really like about this RTA. Often with my other RTAs I tend to feel a bit lazy when it comes to re-wicking, given how carefully you need to craft the wick. With the Viper RTA, I just ensure that the wick is thick in the middle and thinners towards the ends that have been fluffed well.

After that it is simply a matter of tucking the wicks in the juice channels. There is no need for the wicks to touch the floor of the build deck either. I have been cutting the wicks exactly where the boundary of the juice channel is and I am still to encounter any leaking. You could cut the wicks halfway, cut them short or let them hang all the way down. The choice is yours. Point being, wicking the Viper RTA is a breeze.

Surprisingly, this tank has a juice flow control and it is indeed a very handy feature. While I was testing this tank with a very short wick that rested just on the juice holes without going in, I encountered slight leaking through the airholes. This, I discovered, can easily be fixed by shutting the juice control as you are filling up the tank.

The juice flow shuts when you rotate the body of the tank counter clockwise. Going clockwise opens it up. The top cap also functions in the same manner. So it is a delight to shut the airflow and take off the top in the same motion. Reverse this action and you can shut the top cap and open up the juice flow.

When running a simple build, the tank produced decent flavor. But it really shines if you put an advanced build in. When I installed a fused clapton, or a nichrome clapton, the flavor was pretty darn good. As comparable to say the Ammit or the Serpent SMM. Right now I have a rather plain kanthal Clapton in it, and I am really enjoying the flavor I am getting off this thing.

This tank is not a cloud chaser by any means, though with the right build it does produce considerable vapor.

What’s the final verdict then?

Construction wise this is a sturdy RTA which doesn’t leave a vaper wanting for more and looks wise, it does give a unique vibe. That however is a matter of personal preference. The Wotofo Viper RTA also gets full points when it comes to its ease of use. That is one of the best things about this RTA.

As for the vaping experience, I would say that this RTA truly shines when used with an advanced coil build. That is when it really comes into its own and gives a great flavor chasing experience.

Owing to the points discussed above, I would say that this is a very good first RTA for newbies who do not want to worry about the perfection in their builds or any leakage/dry hits that plague many other popular RTAs. If you are a cloud chaser, then stay away from this RTA but if you are a newbie or a flavor chaser, then the Wotofo Viper RTA is the one for you.

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